The market value of organisations has evolved from one based largely on tangible assets to a greater emphasis on intangibles, notably reputation.

Using the Britain’s Most Admired Companies data, our expert sister company, Reputation Dividend, quantifies the value of your company’s reputation based on over ten years’ worth of statistical modelling of the impact of intangibles on market capitalisations.  

A reputation valuation will tell you:

  • How valuable is your reputation asset
  • Where you should be focusing your messages in order to secure it
  • How you can best align communications to help grow it further.

Our reputation valuation service includes:

  • The financial contribution of each key driver of your corporate reputation and how that has changed over time
  • Bespoke examination of the reputation drivers of shareholder value
  • Tailor-made analysis of the extent to which your company’s reputation is guiding and securing investor confidence
  • Identification of messaging priorities for value-based communications
  • Consultation and reporting.